SERIE AT – Indoor & Outdoor – Rental Cabinet

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AT Serie quick installation LED splicing screen adopts new circuit structure design, so that the central control box can be compatible with different specifications of screen, can achieve IP67 waterproof grade, is a new breakthrough in splicing screen industry. The display module is equipped with a rotating self-locking device to avoid potential safety risks caused by module demagnetization. Magnesium alloy and carbon fiber frame structure, safe, strong and lightweight. The new patented arc lock device allows the screen curve to be seamlessly spliced, bringing amazing visual effects.

Dimension: 500*500*78mm. / 500*1000*78mm
Pitch Indoor: P1.9, P2.6,3.9mm
Pitch Outdoor: P2.9, P3.9mm

Applications: TV Studio, Stage, Church, Video Wall, Conferences, Expo, Events, Concert, shopping mall, etc.

Key Features:

• Gold wire Lamp – High Refresh rate 7680– 16 bits
• Nova Star LED control System
• Die-casting Aluminum cabinet
• High refresh rate 7680 Hz – 16 bits
• Curvable: Concave & Convexo
• 100% Front & Rear Service
• Power box 3 in one ( PSU – Receiver & Hub Board )
• Special corner protector & Bottom Gap
• Hanging, stacking for all kinds of applications
• Dolly cart for touring and fast hanging ( Optional)
• Easy installation Assemble freely, Easily one person operation
• 3 years warranty

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